Mermaids of the Great Salt Lake

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Who are the M.G.S.L?

Mermaids of the great salt lake are a team of all inclusive performers that promote body positivity, anti bullying, and ocean conservation through education and entertainment. Started in 2011 by Mer-Queen Lei Loni and currently run by Lady Aine, this makes them one of the first and longest running mermaid pods in Utah. We are available for all kinds of events with or without water, along with charitable and paid events as well. 
If you need a little magic at an event, call the Mermaids of the Great Salt Lake. 


The Team

Lady Ainé 

Owner of MGSL

Lady Ainé (on-ya) comes from a long line of Celtic mermaids. She left the cold waters of Ireland when she was a wee lil merling and moved to the warmer waters off of the coast of California. There she is able to play with all of her favorite animal friends like the octopus, sharks, whales and jellyfish. 

If you visit the beach at night you may spot her sitting on a rock gazing at the moon, for that is how she creates her magic. 

Aine loves to visit dry land because she is fascinated with humans and their silly habits. She also likes to teach them how to be nice to her home and animal friends. 

But her very favorite thing is meeting those humans that truly believe in the magic of mermaids.

Dee jay

Head of mermaid security

Dee is the head of mermaid security and husband of lady Ainé. Dee has been a crucial part of the mermaid team by being the head of mermaid security. Along with keeping our mer people safe, he is also our wonderful photographer who makes us look so good.

Princess Pearl

Princess Pearl has been a keystone member of Mermaids of the Great Salt Lake since it’s revitalization. Representing MGSL, Princess Pearl had appeared at Abravanel Hall, Fox 13, Fan X, and countless public events. Her original tail designs and construction have been imitated and admired within her community as well as the events she attends. She is outgoing, loves humans, their pets, and new experiences. 

Mermaid Rhapsodi

Megan was instrumental in the record breaking sales during. She joined the team in 2016 and her leadership continues to drive the progress of the sales team.

Mermaid Soarise

Alex’s dedication to her position is second to none. She is well respected by her team as well as the entire industry. She has been meeting deadlines and getting things done right with us since 2012.


Emily is a certified computer engineer and has won numerous awards in the field. She has over fifteen years experience as an engineer in a variety of technical platforms.

Mermaid Alyana

Matthew joined the company in 2012 as Vice President and lead efforts to develop cutting edge processes to dominate the industry. His passion for the company is a source of inspiration throughout the ranks.

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